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Please note: The testimonials and thank you messages below are in no way a claim to cure, heal or treat any stated conditions. The following are personal accounts of individual experiences with kinesiology and are presented here to give readers a view of the areas in which kinesiology may be of benefit. Any results achieved with kinesiology will vary based on individual circumstances and cannot be guaranteed. We are all unique individuals and, as with much in life, what works for some may not work for others. Kinesiology is a natural, complementary therapy and is not an alternative to, or replacement for, healthcare by a registered medical practitioner.


"I have been seeing Diane on and off for a year and have found the benefits to be amazing. I was ready to work through some long-standing behaviours I could feel within myself weren’t benefiting me anymore. I have seen many different practitioners over the years, but nobody I felt who addressed both the physical and non-physical, so decided to give Kinesiology a go. When I arrived at Diane’s she put me at ease straight away and was clear on what she had to offer. I have found Diane’s wise words and healing to be extremely comforting and beneficial. That’s not to say that Diane doesn’t challenge your thinking, she does, however, she has the ability to do this without making you feel inferior. Diane also gives you strategies and ideas on how to approach things moving forward at the end of every session, which I have found invaluable. I recently had an appointment virtually via the “zoom platform” and found that it was also a great experience. The appointment followed the same process and Diane was able to provide advice, healing and guidance in the same way. I am glad that I didn’t let technology get in the way of continuing my journey of self-improvement and healing. Given we are in uncertain times, I think it is even more important now for me to continue to see Diane. If you are wondering whether or not to book a virtual appointment, I would say if you are genuine about putting your health and well-being first, then give it a go, as you might be surprised as to how close it is to a face to face appointment. I certainly was!"
- a client (May 2020)


"I have been seeing Diane for years now and always love every session we have. I have seen her for both physical and emotional things, and noticed a marked improvement every time with the issue often resolving in one or two sessions.  She has this amazing ability to get to the root cause of something that seems so obvious once you have worked through it with her. I always feel like I’m walking out on cloud nine after our sessions, more at peace, relaxed and full of joy. Over the years I have noticed a marked improvement with how I respond to situations and look at the world and I think that is down to the time I’ve spent with Diane. With the recent times I have also had to see her remotely and amazingly I see the same success as face to face.

She has kindness and warmth to her that you feel as soon as you see her. I love my sessions with her and I have recommended her to friends and family who have all loved her as well. If you haven’t tried Kinesiology I would say give it a go and if so do it with Diane, I’ve tried other practitioners and have not had the same success and improvements as I have with her. Thanks Diane, you’re amazing and I’m so grateful to have found you." - GP, Melbourne VIC (April 2020)


“Hi Diane, I just wanted to say thanks heaps for the balance last week and thought you'd like to know that I decided to defer my TAFE. I now have a car and a job, and am currently looking for a second job. Crazy how quickly things suddenly came together and thank you for helping me along the journey!” - KS, Boronia, VIC (March 2017)


"Hi Diane. I just have to tell you how different I feel! Today has just been such a great day, I've had 4 people walk into the salon and tell me they completely trust me and my work - such positive feedback and I'm finally able to accept I deserve this! That session last night was just brilliant! I now know so much about myself and I don't feel as 'lost' either. Your gift and talent is truly remarkable and I cannot wait to see you again!" - Natalie, Beauty Therapist, Toorak VIC (December 2015)


"Not sure if you remember me, but I’ve been meaning to get in contact with you for a while now.

I wanted to let you know that I’m pregnant, and I really think my one session with you played a big role in this! After the session, you warned me that I would feel out of sorts for a little bit. I certainly was – I reckon I had this for a couple of weeks. Perhaps it was all my bad ‘energy’ working its way out of me as I sorted through what we discussed during my session. Anyway, when I started to feel good again, what do you know, I discovered I was pregnant! I’m now 14 weeks.

Just thought I’d let you know, and say a huge THANK YOU!!" - Rebecca, Melbourne, VIC (October 2015)


"Kinesiology has assisted me to be able to express myself with clarity without being over emotive. It has made me more aware of how I carry myself. It has helped me understand more about myself. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and kinesiology is a treatment to assist in reaching optimum wellness. It can be helpful to people of all walks of life, age and beliefs.

Diane is friendly, most welcoming and extremely professional. I would not hesitate in recommending Diane to assist you with any emotional, physical or other challenging issue."
- PM, Melbourne VIC (January 2015)


"I use kinesiology to help me with both physical and non-physical issues that arise through everyday life. These are as varied as supporting me when I had a broken rib to more recently when I nearly had a broken heart! It's useful for times when I feel I am not coping or feeling low on energy for no reason but also when I have to make big decisions in my life. At times when I am at a junction I use kinesiology to help me to move forward positively. I have been using the modality for over 20 years now with great success. In recent years I have started seeing Diane Low. I have found her work fantastic for me. She really knows her stuff!!

As I live in rural Victoria Diane also assists me remotely when I can’t get to Melbourne to see her. It's equally successful.

Kinesiology is non invasive, easy to assimilate into life and makes perfect sense once you understand that it's tapping into your own energy. Diane is easy to work with, has many tools, is understanding and can assist with anything you present her with. I think you will find her honest, efficient, effective and certainly caring enough to assist you to work through anything. If she can’t assist she will tell you. This work makes you a better person, helps you to understand yourself and to move the debris from your life that is stopping you from being your best. See Di…try for yourself, I don’t believe you will be disappointed!!"
- Toni Jenkins, CEO, Warrnambool VIC (November 2014)


"Diane is an amazing kinesiologist. I felt welcome and comfortable with her as soon as I met her. She is warm, understanding and extremely helpful. I always love every session I have. The first visit I had, I came in with a lot of anxiety and stress which had been building up over the past few months. I tried other things but they didn't seem to work. However, after the first session with Diane she was able to get to the core issue and I walked out with all of that stress gone and feeling elated. What I thought would take a few sessions was resolved in just one. I now go to Diane every now and then and always come out feeling fantastic and amazed at what's come up. The issues and feelings that used to overwhelm me now don't even get considered where once I couldn't stop thinking and obsessing about them. I can't thank Diane enough. I look forward to my visits and would recommend her to everyone." - GP, Melbourne VIC (October 2013)


"Diane Low has a wonderful energy, and an emotional intelligence to see deep into our body and mind - and make life feel “better”. I have always been conscious of the emotional turmoil that resulted from my own internal conflicts, but felt powerless to change this mindset, the situations, or how I felt toward them. I had stopped listening to my body.

After each session with Diane, my energy levels improved and I felt a sense of calmness and wellbeing. I can now feel a sense of balance and am beginning to feel empowered again. Diane was able to quickly and intuitively access my body and help me release the limiting beliefs and fears which were blocking my emotional, physical and spiritual growth. I am feeling much more grounded and have become less affected by others' negative energy. I am now beginning to see clearly what I want out of life and no longer feel trapped, but empowered and confident to take the next steps on my journey."
- Michelle Corsetti, Woodend VIC (May 2013)


"My teenager confided in me feelings of stress that were overwhelming to him.  Teenage stress is a difficult area to address well.  Diane helped him so much in one session that he came out uplifted, re-energised, and feeling 100%. She managed to cover a lot of ground with different issues concerning him and was communicative and professional.  My teen went from feeling stuck and sad to a relaxed happier person and I'm so glad we've avoided other interventions. So is he, and it is encouraging to see him feel so positive about getting great support." - Natalie Kellett, Bachelor Social Science (Psychology), Parent of two, Melbourne VIC (March 2013)


"My first and foremost achievement has been falling pregnant with the help of kinesiology. I had no problems having a child the first time around, but the second one took about a year. By which point I was seeing a doctor regarding fertility, we had even talked about IVF. So after a long time of waiting, I remembered Diane who I had seen a little while back with my post natal depression. So I paid a visit there and the next month I was pregnant. This is now 3 and a half years ago. Now, third time around, I was a bit wiser. After a month, I went to see Diane and sure enough I am pregnant again. We were working with my fears of being a mum again, losing my trim body, everything that my body now knew was involved with becoming a mother and perhaps wasn't ready for. I cannot explain how things sometimes work, but they do work. My oldest son, who is now 6 has been seeing Diane too. Lately he was struggling with night terrors. It took us a while but now after 3 sessions he sleeps peacefully.

Diane is a fantastic person to work with. Very easy to get along with, she explains everything as we go along, puts you at ease about everything. An excellent kinesiologist, very good at what she does!"
- Agnes, Doreen VIC (February 2013)


"In my journey of physical and spiritual healing I've tried many things. In my twenties I had some counselling which, with the encouragement of my therapist, led me to yoga, which in turn led me to try naturopathy and various other 'alternative' therapies. Towards the end of my thirties I stopped practicing yoga, discovered Shiatsu and married a Shiatsu practitioner. And most recently I've discovered kinesiology.

But I was not looking for kinesiology: it found me.

Through my wife's professional connection with Diane, I came to become not only a client of Diane's but a believer in kinesiology. Having said that, I have not had anyone else give me kinesiology so I guess the real point is how I am a believer in Diane's ability as a healer. Totally. Diane has facilitated profound breakthroughs in energy blocks, ineffectual thought patterns and habits for me personally and I'm confident she can assist anyone drawn to her for their own healing. 

Whenever I'm feeling a little stuck mentally, or in my emotional life, I know that a visit to Diane will help me resolve what 'issue' is really at the core. After my kinesiology sessions with Diane I always feel a sense of clarity and serenity which I attribute directly to her gift for being present and working with whatever arises. It is impossible for me to separate my personal experience of kinesiology from Diane because I feel she is the one with the 'magic' - whatever modality she describes herself as working within.

Whether or not you've tried kinesiology before, if you are at all interested in raising your energy through becoming more conscious of what destructive thoughts and habits have taken hold inside your body over time, I have no reservations in saying call Diane today. You'll be glad you did. I definitely am. And I'll definitely call her again.

Diane Low is a dedicated, attentive and gifted healer and I recommend her to anyone seeking to raise their energy, general well being, and positive expectations."
- Benjamin Grant Mitchell, Writer/Musician/Actor, Warrandyte VIC (September 2012)


"Diane was highly recommended to me by a friend who thought she might be able to help my feelings of stress and sadness - and hopefully to help us with our major challenge. For 2 1/2 years we had been trying unsuccessfully to have our second baby and had sought help from a very wide variety of sources. We sought help from both mainstream and complementary medicine. Mainstream specialists told me that there was nothing they could do and it was very unlikely that we would be able to conceive another healthy baby.

At my first appointment, Diane made me feel completely at ease and she was able to perceive the underlying issues that needed to be addressed.

Little did I know that Diane’s kinesiology sessions would be our turning point. Quite quickly, she confirmed the causes of my infertility issue and most importantly, was able to point us in the direction of our goal. We followed the advice. Within almost exactly twelve months we were overjoyed to welcome our beautiful, healthy second baby.

Since then I have sought Diane’s help to treat our new baby’s breastfeeding issue (breast refusal at 5 months). None of the mainstream solutions worked; I tried everything the lactation consultants recommended for two weeks before calling Diane as a last resort. In the evening after my appointment with Diane, our baby was happily breastfeeding as before.

Diane has helped us with issues that we have found personally difficult and resistant to other methods of treatment. In her work as a kinesiologist, I believe that Diane has a special ability to connect strongly with the person she is treating and this contributes to the best possible outcome. Whatever my problem may be, at the end of a session with Diane, I feel lighter and happier, with tools to make improvements to my situation.

Diane has also treated other members of my family with great success. We have all found Diane to be an approachable, kind and highly effective kinesiologist and can recommend her with utmost confidence."
- CN, Mother & Teacher, Box Hill VIC (March 2012)


"I have seen Diane for Kinesiology treatment 3 times and the effects of these consultations have changed my life. I went to see her as a way to treat emotional pain and negative beliefs that I’d held onto for a significant time, i.e. issues relating to trauma from a very young age. The effects of her treatments were instantaneous, in that, the torturous pain I had lived with my whole life had shifted and most was released in the consultation. This was surprising for me because after numerous attempts at other healing methods I had become cynical that healing me was even possible. Diane equips you with what you need to reach whatever goal(s) you have in life. I have felt the benefits of Diane’s treatment continue to grow in me, long after my last visit. For the first time I feel consistently at peace and happy as well as more confident about my future. I have been getting more joy and pleasure in my relationships and am able to deal with hurt and frustrations with a certain amount of ease relative to before I saw Diane.

Diane is down to earth and has a great energy that instantly puts you at ease. Her trustworthiness is clear from the beginning. This allows you to nestle in her space and enjoy the incredible healing from her kinesiology therapy."
- Naomi Barry, Project Manager, Thornbury VIC (January 2012)


"I was recommended to visit Diane Low by a family member for general wellbeing and to get some assistance when trying to begin a teaching career. I was told Diane was amazing and the family member felt very relaxed and happy after her kinesiology session. Hesitantly I went as I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought I would give Diane a go. Immediately after entering Diane’s practice I felt at ease and comfortable. Her presence is relaxed and positive, both characteristics I needed in my own life. We ran through a full personal history of myself (both physical and emotional) and she never pressured me to tell her things, it was only what I was comfortable saying. Diane explained to me how she practised kinesiology and reiki so I knew exactly what she would be performing throughout our session.

Initially I went to see her to release my frustration with not being able to get a job. However, throughout our first session she informed me that there were emotional issues I had that were holding me back from achieving my career goals. Diane has a way of making you understand and learn from the issues that arise throughout her sessions and sets goals with you to overcome these issues in a way to move forward positively in your life.

I also went to see Diane for physical health problems that had been plaguing me for some time. Previous doctors visits and medication had not been able to ease my health problems. After the sessions with Diane I felt fantastic within my body. The positive way of thinking she embodies I believe has helped me think positively about my own body and how it needs to be treated, without excessive medication or invasive techniques. Headaches, stomach bloating and immune problems have all subsided due to techniques Diane has taught me.

I have only had two sessions with Diane and I feel confident to not have to see her on a weekly basis. I feel the goals she has helped me set and the positive thinking has been enough that I can conquer my emotional and physical issues on my own. Three days after my first session with her my best friend commented on how happy I looked and how positive I seemed about life. I truly believe kinesiology was the soul factor that made me see life and myself in a different light and helped me make the changes I needed in order to achieve my personal goals.

I don’t believe kinesiology and reiki will work for everyone. You have to be open and willing to overcome your issues, no matter how big or small and Diane is definitely the person to help you do that. I have recommended her to my friends and family and I will continue to see her if ever I feel the need."
- Katherine Wharton, Tutor, Gladstone Park VIC (April 2011)


"I had reached a stage in my life where I no longer wanted to feel stressed out and worried most of the time. I had tried various other natural healings and while they were enjoyable and good they never completely fixed the anxiousness I felt inside. It took only one session with Diane for her to help me to eradicate my stressed out feelings and I can honestly say all the internal anxiousness and sometimes panicky feelings have disappeared.

Diane is just a lovely person who made me feel at ease from the word go. I am usually quite uncomfortable about opening up but found I could easily talk and sometimes even cry in front of her without feeling embarrassed or judged. Because of my own experience I felt confident to allow my 20 year old daughter and 17 year old son to have sessions with Diane. My daughter for issues she was having from a relationship breakup and my son who was upset and felt he needed help with the issues he was struggling with. Both children’s attitudes and coping skills improved immensely to the point that other family members have commented on what has happened to make them both more confident and happier. As a family unit even though things were good, our relationships are even better. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is interested in exploring kinesiology to see Diane; it really will be a life changing experience.
" - Amanda, Doncaster East VIC (April 2011)


"Diane’s kinesiology has made an incredible difference to me. At a time when I was feeling low in energy and spirit, unhappy, dissatisfied and lacking direction, a good friend recommended I see Diane. I had no awareness of what kinesiology was or how it could help, but my friend swore by it and recommended Diane as an excellent kinesiology practitioner.

Diane was welcoming and friendly, happy to explain kinesiology and how she practices it. I walked out of my first session feeling positive, buoyed and re-energised – and this has continued every time I see Diane. She seeks out and finds the real feelings/emotions/thoughts which are impacting on my life and wellbeing, and helps me reduce the negatives and enhance the positives. I am calmer, happier, and more in tune with myself and my life. The freedom and release I obtain from seeing Diane has been, and will continue to be, a massive benefit.

I would strongly recommend Diane to anyone – she is kind, insightful and a wonderful healer."
- Kerry, Greensborough VIC (February 2011)


"My name is Andrea. I have been attending kinesiology on and off for many years - probably about 15 years - after being told about it by a friend. I was initially attending counselling sessions to deal with my first break up. After the break up I really wasn't coping very well at all - I wasn't eating and had lost a great deal of weight. I wasn't able to function properly in my job or very well generally. The break up also brought up a great deal of insecurities and other issues. The counselling was great, however I was making slow progress and felt awful the days I wasn't attending counselling. It was a great comfort when I found kinesiology - a fabulous resource to be able to delve into the real issue and, not only work on that issue, but to also have assistance with many other parts of my life in so many ways. Kinesiology also took time, however the progress was more immediate and I found that kinesiology sessions become a process of working on many issues over time - it was like peeling back the layers of an onion to get to my true self.  Along the process I felt happier, stronger and fuller. After time, I also discovered that ailments I had were no longer an issue. In a way, kinesiology has assisted me in becoming more of the person I want to be - stronger, more self-assured and most importantly, more able to deal with personal issues that have arisen. Since then, I have attended kinesiology for many things - work issues, relationship issues and other personal issues.

Diane is a wonderful kinesiologist. I have been to a number of kinesiologists and value Diane and her abilities completely. She is extremely professional, personable and a lovely person. She makes you feel comfortable and the room she practices in has an unbelievable feeling. I often find it funny that Diane seems to be having a conversation with my body and my body is responding back. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

After so many years attending kinesiology, I am more in tune with my body and know how to cope with stresses better. As a result, I don't have sessions as often now, however I find I know when I need a session - when I'm, as I call it, 'not coping', or I'm unable to make a decision and it is also characteristic for me to be a little anxious about attending. I know now that this is a definite sign that I need a kinesiology session to receive a balance and to drill down on the true stress I am currently feeling. I believe that, because I have attended kinesiology for so many years, my body responds better and I often require only one treatment to feel the benefit.  I find kinesiology is the only method that can truly discover the true reason for the stress that is occurring.

If someone asks me what kinesiology is about and what it does, I tell people the following: Kinesiology uses muscle testing to determine the true stress or stress in your body. It also balances your entire body including organs, muscles, meridians and
so on."
- Andrea, Templestowe VIC (February 2010)


"I was about 6 months pregnant when I received a gift voucher to see Diane. I had a pretty difficult, long and traumatic first birthing experience and 2 years later I was left feeling apprehensive and a little worried. I decided to see if Diane could help me overcome my anxiety for my second birth.

I ended up having a home birth. Although this was unplanned it ended up being a very positive and wonderful experience. I felt a lot more empowered after seeing Diane and she made me realise through the work she did on me that I should have followed my instincts more the first time around - it was a simple but profound truth she helped me uncover.

I have since seen Diane for a business-related as well as a personal relationship issue. I don't pretend to understand kinesiology but I know it has worked and helped me all 3 times. With Diane you're in safe hands, she's warm, knowledgable and understanding. If in doubt give it a go. I highly recommend Diane, she's wonderful."
- Yvette, Lawyer, Doncaster East VIC (January 2010)


"My name is Julia, I am a 26 year old nurse and have recovered from terrible anxiety thanks to Diane and her wonderful kinesiology practice. I had never been an anxious person or someone who worried very much, but after my brother was killed in a motor vehicle accident my life changed forever. I was getting on with my life the best as I could until about 2 years after the accident. I had developed post traumatic stress and began to experience serious anxiety in my day to day activities. For someone who has never experienced anxiety it is so hard to imagine or explain how terrified I was of doing activities that had never caused me stress before. 

This intense anxiety continued for about a week, I could barely leave the house. It was then that I just needed my anxiety to go. I tried so many things to help ease the anxiety but nothing really worked until I went to see Diane. I found Diane Low on the internet and after reading about kinesiology I decided to try it as I had absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. After my first kinesiology session I left feeling totally relaxed, I had no anxiety and felt fantastic - back to my old self again. I continued to see Diane 2 sessions a week for about 3 weeks and was completely recovered. I now see Diane when I feel any anxiety or associated feelings coming back (which is very rare) and I leave feeling 100%. 

Kinesiology is something that you really can't explain until you try it. I highly recommend Diane Low. She has a wonderful positive energy and a warm and understanding nature. She makes you feel very comfortable and safe while experiencing kinesiology. It has totally changed my life and I would recommend Diane and her kinesiology practice to anyone."
- Julia, Melbourne VIC (November 2009)


"Diane, Thanks so much. Words can’t express how much kinesiology and your support and sincere dedication has changed my life in many ways. I always look forward to our sessions!  A tear here and a laugh there, it's rare to find such a nurturing and down to earth milieu where I feel the freedom to open up and explore myself. What I have learnt from kinesiology is that the greatest thing that holds us back in life are the limiting beliefs we’ve created in our own minds.  I used to be such a worrier – whether this and that will work out for me.  I was a very discontented angry individual, easily overwhelmed.

Diane has helped me trust and believe in myself and my abilities. From kinesiology I am now excited by new experiences and challenges that I am faced with and I feel a much more active, confident, empowered, grounded person in the world.  My partner is still surprised by the changes in my nature since first meeting Diane back in 2007 where I was searching for new directions in my professional working life and a sense of purpose in the community.

During the past 2 years I have felt like a seed germinating new creative ideas; actualising them in the world into tangible form – the creation of my own business. Kinesiology has helped me prioritise, do all those nitty gritty tasks necessary to get the job done and have faith and enjoy the unfolding process.  New challenges come up every day but now I wake up happy each morning knowing I lead a more fulfilling, healthy and productive lifestyle.

For anyone out there who feels the time has come to get more out of their life and expand into their full potential, whatever area in life but senses a resistance within or doesn’t know how to proceed with the idea, project or opportunity - I would like to take this moment to say, try Kinesiology it can help you move forward."
- Lara Goodger, Kinesiology Practitioner, Maribyrnong VIC (November 2009)


"The service delivered by Diane was an empowering, unique experience for me.

It gave me a truly experiential understanding of the various relationships I have with my creative side and the spiritual abilities I enjoy. Diane is refreshingly honest, personal and engaging.

Furthermore I found that the powerful process delivered by Diane has certainly cleared the various blockages I had carried up until then. In clearing these blockages Diane has assisted me not only in my personal life but moreover in my business activities."
- Stephen, Marketing Director, VIC (November 2009)


"I was first introduced to Kinesiology by stumbling across a website online a couple of years ago while looking for a naturopathy course. The information and feedback page on the website spoke about a wholistic approach to a wide variety of issues and problems people had. I became so curious and enthralled that I signed up for a course without even having a session done! During the course I learnt the benefits of Kinesiology and selected Diane as my practitioner, originally from her website and location. After my first session with Diane I felt amazing and have been having sessions with her for 18 months now.

I had several areas of my life I wanted to improve and I really have been amazed at the results. Each session I had with Diane was different and often I have flow on results. Some results have been immediate, while others have slowly appeared over time, or have been a complete surprise to me.

Some of the things I worked on with Diane were raising my energy levels, improving relationships with people, developing confidence and better communication in the work place, weight loss and food dislikes.

Through my sessions, where needed, Diane has provided practical exercises/homework to help reinforce what we worked on. My behaviour has changed remarkably, from rushing into things without thinking (eg a course!) to being more measured and thoughtful towards my decisions and goals and the results I would like to see for myself.

From a work perspective my confidence has soared, my organisational skills have become exceptional and there has been a surge in my energy levels, in that my work output has increased by 75%. All this has provided me with a role that I had created and is fully supported by my Company, and raising my work profile.

On a personal level I have been battling with my weight for 15 years and have finally found a healthy relationship with food and exercise through Kinesiology. I have always eaten well and exercised but my focus was not in line with what I needed. My focus is now on nutrition and health instead of eating to feel full, happy and content, so now my food choices are naturally healthier and I am getting better results from my eating and exercise program.

Kinesiology has also changed my relationships, where I no longer feel the need to please everyone to be liked or take responsibility for others shortcomings. I have learnt to be more honest with my thoughts and acknowledge my own needs. I have more trusting, respectful and honest relationships which has been really rewarding as I am attracting people who have the same values and outlook.

An interesting thing that occurred as a flow on effect is my fear of heights has dissipated. I was unable to climb a flight of stairs if I could see the ground through them. I would have frozen and locked my body onto the railing or passed out from fear, which has been the case since I was a little girl, however last weekend I did The Edge experience at Eureka Sky Tower in Melbourne and loved the feeling of being so high above the ground in a glass box - it was liberating!

Another small but interesting change was that from a small child I have not been able to eat green beans or olives, but after one session I now quite happily munch on these foods.

Diane has been an integral part of this process, being an engaging, supportive and caring professional, facilitating my journey in learning more about myself and being the best I can be. I have recommended her to others I think that could benefit from her skills as well as her enthusiastic and empathetic approach.

I liken my experiences with Kinesiology to a child growing, as the changes are small every day but after a period of time that child all of a sudden becomes an adult. Kinesiology is something I encourage everyone to try, you have nothing to lose but lots to gain!"
- Maria, Performance Development Advisor, Croydon VIC (November 2009)


"Diane Low is an amazing healer who is patient, kind, compassionate and highly skilled as a kinesiologist. Over the last eighteen months she has helped me to be relieved of both bad skin and accumulated traumas, many from early childhood. Her deft and thorough treatments make these treatments deep and permanent – there is no surface ‘quick fix’, rather a gradual transformation has occurred whereby I have found new joy and trust in life. Did I mention that I went to her for so-called ‘incurable’ rosacea? My skin is now clear and back to its normal state. Did I mention that my wheat intolerance has vanished? I feel extremely fortunate to have met Diane, and I recommend her to you on the internet, as I recommend her to my friends." - Eve, Melbourne VIC (November 2009)


"I originally went to Diane to see what Kinesiology was all about. At the time of starting I was in a dead end job and generally not happy with the path I was taking. In the years previous I had been to other therapists to deal with the loss of loved ones. Through my journey with Diane and kinesiology I was able to deal with my grief on a deeper level than with those other therapists, and I was able to set myself on a happier more rewarding path. When I first met Diane I felt peace. I walked into the room and calmness came over me, I was totally relaxed. Working through grief is not always easy and sometimes you have to deal with memories you would rather not deal with, but with Diane I knew that if I wasn’t ready to go through them that was ok we would come back to them later. Through kinesiology I realised that sometimes in life things happen and if you don’t deal with them then later in life they will block your path and you can’t move forward until you have dealt with them. In dealing with the past I was able to be happier in the present and look to the future with an open mind. I have since changed jobs and learnt to deal with things when they happen rather than hold onto them. I would thoroughly recommend kinesiology to anyone looking to help them through grief.

Thank you Diane for guiding me through and helping me be the happy me I am today."
- a client (October 2009)


"Dear Diane, I just wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic gains I have from the Kinesiology balances.

I have suffered horrendous insomnia for over 20 years. And over those years it has just been getting worse and worse. Some weeks I would only sleep every 2 days. The rest of the weeks I’d be getting by on 1 or 2 hours of sleep a night. I was wretched and exhausted. I tried everything to relieve the symptoms but nothing had a lasting effect. It took just one session with you to uncover the source of the whole problem. Since then I have been sleeping wonderfully. I now sleep deeply every night. I can’t even begin to tell you what a profound relief it is to finally get a good night's sleep, every night. I wake up refreshed and have all the energy and enthusiasm to get through my day at work and fullfill my responsibilities to my family. And I still have plenty of energy to pursue my pasttimes and hobbies as well!

Another time I came to you, I had been suffering, for several months, from very sore inner elbows (golfer’s elbow). It was very painful for me to extend my arms, lift or carry things. Rest and massage had little effect. Once again it took just one session with you to uncover the cause. By the end of the session the pain had gone completely! 12 months later and I have not had a recurrence of the problem.

I would thoroughly recommend your services to any one. Especially if they have long lasting problems that have not responded to other therapies.

All the very best."
- Martin Carson, Ringwood VIC (October 2009)


"A few years ago, I started to experience that pressure at work was triggering stress and anxiety, and profoundly affecting my wellbeing. I started to look for natural ways that would help me to recover my lost joy for life. I tried a few different therapies but I could feel the change only when I started with kinesiology, and almost instantly. I didn't know much about the technique, so I was happy that Diane made it so natural and simple. During my sessions, I discovered my emotional triggers and learnt how to manage them. Kinesiology helped change my approach from "fixing the issues" to "searching how to improve further". That journey of self-discovery was so rewarding that I could not stop myself from sharing the experience with my family, friends and work colleagues. I found that the gift voucher for the first kinesiology session is quite an appropriate birthday present." - Violet Maleczek, Professional Engineer, Donvale VIC (October 2009)


"I took my 10 year old daughter to see Diane as a last resort. Kyla had been suffering from tummy aches, nausea, and tiredness for months. She had missed weeks of school and despite medical tests, xrays and scans nothing could be diagnosed. I had heard about kinesiology but knew nothing about it. I decided now was a good time to try something other than the usual medical options. Diane was professional from the beginning. She was efficient, kind, thoughtful and extremely proficient. Diane is also knowledgeable and has immense wisdom that benefits her clients. Kyla felt at ease and worked with her. The pains were due to emotional issues. She was picking up and reacting to the dissolution of my marriage and the tension in the household. I will never forget that the essence used was beneficial for children of separating parents. I did not know how that became known in the balance but the results were immediate. Kyla, for the first time in months was pain free. She was her old self again. Kyla has gone back for a few more balances as have I and also my 16yr old son. It has certainly sparked my interest and fascination with a modality that is immensely beneficial to humanity." - Kym, Community Worker, Ringwood VIC (October 2009)


"Approximately 3 years ago, when my marriage of over 30 years was coming to an end, I realised I needed to come to terms with what was happening to me. I had received a little Reiki a few months prior to seeing Diane, and had found this to be a beautiful experience. These types of healing therapies were new to me, and probably something I would have put in the ‘hokus pokus’ basket in the not-so-distant past, as my background is within the ‘conventional’ medical field. I made an appointment to see Diane and mentioned Reiki. She called me back a short while later, to say that, although Reiki was part of her modality, she was actually a kinesiologist, and asked if I still wanted the appointment. I decided to attend, really not knowing anything at all about the process.

On first meeting Diane, for some reason, I felt completely comfortable, and able to discuss my issues without reservation. She was a wise counsellor, and therapist. Within a very short space of time I felt so much better about myself and my situation. I attended a number of sessions with Diane, who always gave as much time as was needed, rather than stop precisely at the allotted time (although sessions generally lasted one hour). Gradually I began to feel so much better about myself, and friends started to comment more and more about the change in me – for the better. Since then I have recommended friends and family – people from all walks of life, and all have been grateful for the experience. There have been some amazing results, but it is for them to tell their stories.

I recommend kinesiology, and especially Diane, to all my friends and family. Diane has a personal warmth, and completely natural way about her. A certain peace comes upon me each time I enter her therapy room. Kinesiology is an amazing process, seemingly so simple, yet so effective. I only know it has changed my life for the better."
- Marguerite McConnell, Donvale VIC (October 2009)


"Usually an outgoing character, I had become depressed and withdrawn. The main cause of my distress was due to family relationships and very stressful life decisions. I worried about everything and had become a pessimist. I tried conventional treatment but when my GP prescribed me with drugs, I thought I had a choice to make, hide the symptoms, or treat the root cause?! My life has changed immeasurably with the help of Diane. I have become more confident, optimistic, efficient and content. My self-esteem and self-worth is higher than ever. I am a different person now and have really got my priorities sorted out. Kinesiology has been the key in helping me learn what's important in life and how to get the most out of living. I feel a profound sense of shifting and releasing has taken place. I have found me again. I have found the Emma who I knew I could be but couldn't get to. I feel an enormous weight has simply gone. I have reached a place where I accept and feel comfortable and content with the past and just want to live for today and all the tomorrows. This is all thanks to Diane, her support and healing nature is one of a kind." - Emma Keen, Media & Clients Communication Manager, Melbourne VIC (October 2009)


persona scramble in OH Cards worlshop

OH Cards

"The OH Workshop was an enlightening experience; I can now apply, immediately, the techniques learnt in a variety of situations. The diversity of cards and techniques mean that I can use them in workplace, teambuilding, family and personal development situations to support and influence individual and organisational growth. Well done!" - K. Medlow, Dynamic Project Delivery (Adelaide Workshop, March 2009)


"…I would like to let you know that following the OH Workshop, I felt like I went home a different person to the one I was when I arrived.  The applications for using the cards had a profound affect on my sense of self.

I had been dreading 2 important work meetings on the Monday & Tuesday following the OH Workshop.  I generally enter these meetings feeling stressed and leave them feeling confused and exhausted.  As we carried out each OH workshop exercise I witnessed my own perceptions unfold before me.  I watched with fascination and amazement as several internal stories unraveled and exposed perceptual blocks.  When I returned to work I carried with me the images and dialogues revealed by the card applications.  I walked into both work meetings with a sense of clarity not previously present.  I was fluent and clear, I felt no tension and I was given wonderful support by others at both meetings.

What a change!  The OH workshop has without doubt helped me make an important perceptual jump.  I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such a great workshop.  Thank you."
- C. Dando, Ballarat, VIC (Melbourne Workshop, April 2009)


"I had already been enjoying using OH cards with my clients, but attending a one-day workshop with Moritz added a whole new dimension. It was a day filled with not just 'OH's, but 'AHA's, as I was introduced  to other packs of OH cards (I'd started with the basic OH set), and more importantly, learned a whole new way of working with them.

These cards are very different to others. They have their own unique set of 'rules' and their applications are unlimited. Each exercise we engaged in was thoroughly debriefed, and it became clear that many of these processes would simply not be possible with other cards.

The workshop felt more like 'play' than 'work' and I left feeling inspired, both by the content, as well as some personal insights (even though it's not a therapy workshop, it's impossible not to be 'informed' by the cards you choose in the practice exercises).

Aside from acquiring invaluable knowledge that is both grounded and practical, I also met some wonderful and talented individuals. I can highly recommend this workshop - and I'll be back for more!" - Jennifer Moalem, inSpirall : Resonance Repatterning® and Transpersonal Art Therapy, NSW (Sydney Workshop, March 2009)


"I highly recommend the OH Cards to people of all ages. From my experiences, the OH Cards offer a gentle yet profound pathway to inner cultivation.

I found the OH Cards to be a brilliant effective set of tools that I am looking forward to introducing professionally into my private practice to help my clients achieve the health and self-empowerment they seek in their lives.

My partner and I participated in the workshop together. Implementing the OH Cards into our personal lives has been a fun and enriching experience enhancing communication and understanding in our relationship and within ourselves."
- L. Goodger, Kinesiologist, Melbourne, VIC (Melbourne Workshop, April 2009)


"All these cards have something magical about them. Creative, archetypal, revealing and protective at the same time. After using them one feels richer, lighter and more complete." - A. Robertson, Drama Therapist, NSW (Sydney Workshop, March 2009)


"I found the workshop to be fun and refreshing. It’s inspiring to have creative tools that can be used for self-enquiry and counselling. I can’t wait to use them." - T. Franco, Counsellor, NSW (Byron Workshop, March 2009)


"Wow! What a day it has been. Jam packed, so useful, love, love, love all of the cards. Another useful tool to use when working with families, young people and children. My team will love the cards I have got and will want them for themselves!" - M. Chau, Mission Australia – Project Circuit Breaker, Qld (Brisbane Workshop, March 2009)


"Attending the OH Workshop was a remarkable experience for me personally. I have learnt many new and exciting tools." - L. Alma, Lifeline Coral Coast Capricorn (Noosa Workshop, March 2009)


"A great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how these cards can open a dialogue between those of all ages and beliefs and race. Another gem to put into my bag of goodies." - D. Marshall, The Buttery, NSW (Byron Workshop, March 2009)


"I learnt a lot about how powerful the use of OH Cards can be, both personally, and for use in groups. It inspires me to make my own as well, and use with the cards we worked with today." - K. Passmore, Queensland Health, Qld (Noosa Workshop, March 2009)


"This workshop expanded my horizons allowing me to see the many and varied situational and contextual circumstances in which the OH series have relevance. I found this liberating. The presenter grounded the experience in the here and now reminding me to always stay close to the words and the story in order to allow insight to blossom." - SD. Buchanan, Centred Communication Sacred Movements, NSW (Sydney Workshop, March 2009)


"I just love these cards and would love to see them available in all stores, schools, doctors, groups of all sorts for the miraculous insights that each individual can experience. What a wonderful, fun and safe day." - M. Lee, Adelaide, SA (Adelaide Workshop, March 2009)