What is it?

Reiki is an energy-based healing system that involves the reiki practitioner, who has been initiated and attuned as a reiki channel, gently laying their hands on or over the fully clothed client in order to transfer reiki, or universal life force energy, to the body.

Whilst universal life force is all around us and available to everyone, some people have difficulty in taking it in and using it effectively. The reiki practitioner can assist in this process by channelling the healing energy and directing it to the specific areas that need it. The client's body can then make the best use of that energy to enhance its own natural healing processes and bring about balance.

Reiki is a passive therapy in that the client lies still and may even fall asleep during the session. There is no pulling, prodding, kneading or talking - the practitioner merely holds their hands lightly on or over different parts of the client's body over the course of the session to deliver the reiki. Clients generally feel very calm, relaxed, light and at peace after a reiki session.

Reiki as a system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late nineteenth century and was brought to the West in the 1930s by Hawayo Takata.

Reiki as an energy has always existed.


The Session

Having recently been inspired by Japanese Buddhist Monk and renowned international reiki teacher, Inamoto Hyakuten, I am going back to basics in my reiki sessions. I am simply going to do the laying on of hands to deliver the reiki and trust your body to do its best with it. I will not actively seek awareness to pass on to you - I will give you pure reiki as per the original reiki healing method.

In the session you will remain clothed but remove your shoes and any bulky items in your pockets that may prevent you from being completely comfortable as you lie flat on the massage table. A light cloth or tissue will be placed over your eyes and after a short relaxation exercise, I will place my hands lightly on or over your body, usually starting over the eyes and then moving to different locations on the body throughout the session and remaining at each location for several minutes to deliver the reiki. Where I place my hands, when and for how long, is based purely on intuition.

Once I have finished delivering the reiki, I will remove what's over your eyes so you know I've finished but you are welcome to stay and relax for a while. I will leave the room to allow you to do this in peace.

The Rates

The session times listed below are a guide only. Please click here to read my philosophy on session times.

Standard Session - reiki: $60 inc GST where applicable (approximately 60 mins - please allow 90 mins). Please also note that half of your payment will be donated to the Sacred Heart Mission as a way of helping those less fortunate than ourselves and in memory of a dear friend and mentor, who used to volunteer his time in the Dining Hall.

A reiki session at BodyComm Kinesiology is generally around 60 minutes in duration and the client is invited to stay and continue to rest and relax, process and integrate after the reiki has been delivered.

Home Visits can be arranged on a case-by-case basis and a charge to cover travel time and costs may be added to the base session rate above.

Payment may be made by cash, EFTPOS, credit card (Mastercard or Visa), PayPal or Direct Deposit.

These rates are current as at 1 February 2022 and may be subject to change without notice.

Reiki is not covered by private health funds.



In order that others may benefit, if you're unable to keep an appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice would be appreciated. An administration fee of 50% of the session rate may be charged for late cancellations.