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used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment, or joy




What are they?

OH Cards are a beautiful and unique series of metaphoric, associative cards that stimulate intuition, imagination, creativity, communication and connection.

The cards are an empowering tool that allow individuals to gain their own insight and awareness, without influence or judgement from others. Unlike oracle cards, such as tarot or angel cards, OH cards have no pre-determined meaning - their power lies in their ability to draw out of the user, their individual and personal interpretation of each card.

Used therapeutically, as a professional tool or as a meaningful and enlightening game with family and friends, the cards gently help to reveal inner stories that enable a greater understanding of one's self, one's perceptions of and responses to the world and opportunities for positive change.

The cards provide great inspiration for storytelling - each card, randomly drawn from the pack, changing the direction of the tale being told - or theatre - after a story has been created, it can be dramatised and acted out - or art - place one card on a large piece of paper and create your own work of art by completing the picture around the card.

Let your imagination run wild. Each set of cards in the standard OH series can be used alone or in conjunction wth the other decks in the series.

Whether they are used professionally, personally or socially, counsellors, psychologists, teachers, trainers, writers, actors, artists, parents and children are just some of the people who will get a great deal more than just fun, out of these cards.

BodyComm Kinesiology is proud to be the distributor of, and subject-matter-expert for, OH Cards in Australia and New Zealand.


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OH Cards
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OH Cards Quick Start Guide

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OH Workshops

OH Workshops are a great way to learn about and experience the power of all the cards in the OH series. Ideal for both professional and personal development, the workshops are unique, fun and enlightening.

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OH logo and three Original OH Cards

OH logo and three Original OH Cards