Updated 4 August 2020

Melbourne has been placed under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions. In an effort to play my part in the safety measures put in place by our Government to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and COVID-19, I will not be conducting in-person sessions until further notice but will conduct all sessions remotely via Telehealth.

Adaptability is paramount for not just surviving but for thriving in uncertain and changing times so please consider a Telehealth session should you require healing support. Telehealth sessions can be conducted via phone or video (eg. FaceTime or Zoom). Please remember that even when I see you in person, I'm ultimately working with your energy and your energy is not limited by your physicality. If you have questions about remote sessions please contact me.

Also, as so many of us have been affected financially, all sessions are $150 until further notice.

Australian Government
Department of Health
Victorian State Government
World Health Organization