77 portrait cards plus 33 interaction cards - Faces from all over the World.

Persona provides the material for countless roleplays in which the players act out people from around the globe. This deck offers an opportunity to meet with people of many different cultures, through play and imagination. Learn to interface, understand, give up prejudice and cultivate tolerance by looking through the eyes of other people.

Includes printed instructions.

Card dimensions: 63mm x 88mm.

Box dimensions: 10cm x 15cm x 4cm.

Weight: 280g.

Artist: Ely Raman


$58.00 inc GST (AUD)



Other resources:

Persona/Personita Example: Choose portrait cards to represent yourself and others in a (challenging) group situation - family, work, social. The cards need not look like the individuals, rather they will represent your perception of them - their character, behaviour, emotional state, etc. Arrange the cards on a large piece of paper and draw between them to indicate your perception of the relationships within the group. Then explore and tell the story of what's going on: Why did you choose the cards you did? How do you view the relationships currently? What is each person experiencing and why? Do they each see and experience the group differently? How do they feel? What would they say? How would you rather the relationships be? What can you do to improve your situation?

Persona Relationships Example